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EVOL Box Making Machines

Evolve to the Next Stage with the Excellence of EVOL

60 Years in the Corrugating Industry

Our EVOL systems have become the world standard thanks to unmatched productivity, operational simplicity, highest quality and rock-solid dependability.

The EVOL line is tailor made to handle different carton styles at maximum capacity. There’s an EVOL for just about every box making operation.

The latest models offer a range of speeds, colors and widths. Excellent quality at all speeds is built into every EVOL model. Combined with EVOL’s characteristic shortest setup time, Mitsubishi can help your operation generate more business and greater profits.

EVOL 84/400

3 Color 400 BPM

Twenty-four thousand boxes per hour. That’s the highest speed for a Flexo Folder Gluer of this size in the industry. The EVOL 84/400 features fast setup time, highly accurate folding, low cost per box, less waste and more. Add exceptional quality, reliability and far fewer maintenance stoppages, and you have the best-in-class solution for producing containers.

Maximum Machine SpeedBPM400
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Maximum Untrimmed Sheetmm870 [1220] x 2140
inch34.2 [48] x 84.2
Minimum Untrimmed Sheetmm220 x 690
inch8.7 x 27.1
Maximum Printing Areamm870 x 1955
inch34.2 x 76.9
Maximum Die Cut Areamm870 x 1810
inch34.2 x 71.2

EVOL 84/400

EVOL 100/350

4 Color 350 BPM

Small to medium-sized box companies that have big plans for growth will find innumerable ways to use this versatile, efficient machine to meet the demands of the converting market. The EVOL 100/350 sets industry standards for quality, reliability and durability, while providing the highest speed in its class. Superfast setups of only two minutes between jobs, quick ink changing and consistent control of high-speed box stacking bring extraordinary productivity to your operation.

Maximum Machine SpeedBPM350
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Maximum Untrimmed Sheetmm950 [1220] x 2555
inch37.4 [48] x 100.6
Minimum Untrimmed Sheetmm250 x 690
inch9.8 x 27.1
Maximum Printing Areamm960 x 2370
inch37.8 x 93.3
Maximum Die Cut Areamm980 x 2150
inch38.6 x 84.6

EVOL 100/350

EVOL 100/400

4 Color 400 BPM

The EVOL family of box making machines has a long lineage of incredible performance. So, it should be no surprise that a new EVOL would be welcomed into the world that is just a little bit faster, turning heads and making box companies swoon. The EVOL 100/400.

The family resemblance to the highly regarded 350 bpm, 4-color EVOL100 is easy to spot – all the same productivity and quality traits that have made EVOL the top performer in the industry. It’s just that the new EVOL 100/400 machine can produce 400 boxes per minute!

Maximum Machine SpeedBPM400
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Maximum Untrimmed Sheetmm950 [1220] x 2555
inch37.4 [48] x 100.6
Minimum Untrimmed Sheetmm250 x 690
inch9.8 x 27.1
Maximum Printing Areamm960 x 2370
inch37.8 x 93.3
Maximum Die Cut Areamm980 x 2150
inch38.6 x 84.6

EVOL 100/400

EVOL 115/330

4 Color 330 BPM

The EVOL 115/330 is not only the largest box making machine in the EVOL stable, but its output also surpasses that of similar-sized machines by a whopping 30 percent. This size and speed give you more capacity and options to grow your business. Designed for demanding daily production, the EVOL 115/330 effortlessly transforms corrugated sheets into the highest quality boxes with industry-leading box squareness.

Maximum Machine SpeedBPM330
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Maximum Untrimmed Sheetmm1150 [1350] x 2930
inch45.2 [53.1] x 115.3
Minimum Untrimmed Sheetmm290 x 690
inch11.4 x 27.1
Maximum Printing Areamm1180 x 2670
inch46.4 x 105.1
Maximum Die Cut Areamm1200 x 2525
inch47.2 x 99.4

EVOL 115/330

Standard on All EVOL Flexo Folder Gluers

Stable Feeding Accuracy

  • Mitsubishi’s Lead Edge Feeder with overlapping wheels in a zigzag arrangement delivers accurate feed for any corrugated board.
  • The integral torque balancer on the feeder drive enhances accuracy

Stable feeding accuracy

High-Quality Printing

  • The combination of a transfer conveyor with a one-piece vacuum belt and independent drives on each printing cylinder achieves the highest quality printing.
  • Independent drives for the anilox rolls (patented) afford automatic compensation for different print die thicknesses from 3.2 mm to 7.2 mm (0.124" – 0.280").

High-quality printing

Chambered Doctor Blade

  • Consistent print density over all running speeds.
  • Capable of high speeds even with fine printing dies.
  • Mitsubishi’s patented Ink Circulation Recovery and Washing System minimizes ink loss during ink changes.

Chambered doctor blade

Precise Folding Accuracy

Mitsubishi’s patented design gauging rollers, forming belts with speed control and automatically adjusted folding guides yield stable and precise folding accuracy.

Precise folding accuracy

Precise folding accuracy

Box Dimensions

Box dimensions

Evol 84Evol 100Evol 115

Small Size Board Capability

Small size board capability

The one-piece Transfer Conveyor Belt provides accurate control of smaller sheets with any of the three EVOL machines. On the EVOL 84/400, that means sheets as small as 220 mm (8.7") are effectively controlled.

CNC Production Control Unit

  • Up to 50,000 repeat order setups can be memorized, minimizing order change time.
  • The EVOL preventive maintenance feature provides detailed information for scheduling routine maintenance when it is needed.
  • Fault diagnostics minimize downtime.