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60 Years in the Corrugating Industry

Corrugated board is an essential part our everyday life, providing an effective and renewable source of packaging and shipping material for virtually any and all products.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has installed corrugating systems and components in more than 40 countries, and continues to develop the latest technologies to help board operations meet ever-increasing demand for high quality, environmentally sound corrugating production.

Mitsubishi Steady Stater™ Corrugating Machinery System

Steady Stater™ is Mitsubishi’s name for its comprehensive corrugating solution that features leading-edge machine components that can be installed as a complete system or as individual machines to complement your existing line.

Mitsubishi corrugating machines are recognized for their ease of operation, their reliability over the long haul, highest speeds and corresponding high productivity all while minimizing waste, materials and, environmental impact.

Sigma 2000 Total Control System

Sigma 2000 Total Control System Console

Key to these remarkable machine’s excellence is the Sigma 2000 Total Control System that is a Production Control system, a Process Control system and a Diagnostic system.

60H Single Facer Wet End Equipment

60H Single Facer

Better corrugating starts with superior technology. Mitsubishi’s 60H II Single Facer’s patented Kappa Belt pressure system applies even, optimum pressure to the corrugating roll, effectively eliminating pressure marks and board defects common among pressure roll designs.


63-1H/63-1J Auto Splicer Wet End Equipment

63-1H/63-1J Auto Splicer

  • Maximum expected splicing paper speed is 400 mpm (1300 fpm).
  • Tail catcher splicing speed is 300 mpm (1000 fpm).
  • 63-1H auto. splicer features tension pick up and control system.

65H/65J Double Glue Machine Wet End Equipment

65H/65J Double Glue Machine

The 65J Glue machine can be configured as a single, double or triple machine. The design of the 65J incorporates a Swing Roll. This Swing Roll allows another adjustment to control the glue application to the flute tips of the single face web. In fact, the Swing Roll can adjust the number of flute tips (1, 2, 3) in contact with the Glue roll at any one time. This adjustment is particularly beneficial when running B, F or other microflutes.

66H Double Facer Dry End Equipment

66H Double Facer

  • Belt type Double Facer with Air Loading System
  • Maximum machine speed: 400 mpm (1300 fpm)
  • Heat control system (interfaced with Sigma 2000 Total Control System)
  • Automatic and pneumatic constant upper belt tightener
  • Automatic upper belt alignment device. Mechanical take-up equipment for lower belt
  • Full width upper and lower synthetic belt
  • Driving device with low noise type special gear box

66-1H Rotary Shear Dry End Equipment

66-1H Rotary Shear

  • Rotary type cutting:
    • Serrated knives for upper cylinder
    • Resilient rubber for lower cylinder
  • Cutting speed: min. 20 - 150 mpm (65 - 500 fpm)
  • Cutting board length: approx. 1180 mm (46")
  • Board deflector device for waste removal

67-1H Gamma Changer Dry End Equipment

67-1H Gamma Changer

Endless order change system consists of rotary shear for full width cutting, edge cutting device, center cutting device and web director.

When order change is initiated, the center cut device will cut the center part of the web to connect the cutting lines that divides the web into upper and lower station of double cutoff. The web will not be chopped out. So the web will run steadily during order change and risk of jamming will be reduced. The waste portion caused by order change is cut at the double cutoff.

68-1H Web Director Dry End Equipment

68-1H Web Director

High speed web direction!

  • Light weight slat bars:
    • 27 for 2800 mm (110") width
    • 24 for 2500 mm (98") width
    • 22 for 2200 mm (87") width
  • Feed roll with independent drive

57 H-III Auto Slitter Scorer Dry End Equipment

57 H-III Auto Slitter Scorer

The Mitsubishi 57 H-III is now available as a single stand-alone unit. This gives you all the high quality, high productivity and flexibility of operation Mitsubishi is famous for at a price even small box makers can afford.

68H Cutoff Dry End Equipment

68H Cutoff

  • 68H cutoff is a rotary type cutoff.
  • Two infeed rolls with sectional drive, upper and lower special knife cylinder, one outfeed roll and one outfeed conveyer driven by AC motor.
  • Knife cylinders are driven by multiple special brush-less motors. These motors enhance high speed running which save electric power.
  • Sheet deflector device for the lower station.
  • Infeed section moves for easy access to knife cylinders during cleanup and maintenance.

69H Double Stacker Dry End Equipment

69H Double Stacker

  • Shingling Section with variable angle and modular design.
  • Separating Section with moving clamping device.
  • Stacking area with “Squaring Plate®”
  • Buffers Conveyor belt.
  • Stacker Elevator Platform with modular plastic chains conveyor.