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60 Years in the Corrugating Industry

Mitsubishi Corrugating Rolls deliver a greater depth of performance.

Mitsubishi-supplied Corrugating Rolls differ from other rolls with features that deliver improved runnability and roll life.

By induction hardening our Corrugating Rolls before journal assembly, slotting and flute forming, we achieve a uniform hardness deep through the entire flute and beyond. This exclusive process delivers crack- and break-resistant flute and slot edges for unequaled roll life. Patented HVOF spray-applied tungsten carbide coating is then finish ground yielding a wear resistant surface as smooth and consistent as chrome, ready to use right out of the box… with no run-in time required.

Insist on Mitsubishi Corrugating Rolls for optimal performance of your Single Facer.

Induction Hardened

Induction hardened Mitsubishi corrugating rolls

Mitsubishi corrugating rolls are induction hardened before flute forming. This process results in rolls with deep and uniformly hardened layers with homogeneous hardness. Since the depth of the hardened layer is approximately 9mm, the entire flute is hardened and it is unlikely to have cracks or broken flutes during operations.

Mitsubishi Low Frequency Induction Hardening

Illustration of Mitsubishi low frequency induction hardening

Surface Hardening Before Flute Forming:
  • Thick and homogenous hardened layer
  • No crack, no break up of flutes
  • Maximized toughness of flutes

Others High Frequency Induction Hardening

Illustration of others high frequency induction hardening

Surface Hardening After Flute Forming:
  • Thin and uneven hardened layer
  • More likely to have cracks or broken teeth during operations
  • Low bending strength and fragile flute tips

Tungsten Carbide Coating

Our patented HVOF spraying process offers a very hard tungsten carbide coating layer with an extremely long life span.

Patented HVOF spraying process

Finishing-by-grinding process

In addition, our unique finishing-by-grinding process ensures that the coating surface is of a uniform thickness and as smooth as chrome.

Comparison of Tungsten Surface Roughness


Mitsubishi tungsten surface roughness


Other tungsten surface roughness


Other tungsten surface roughness

Chrome Plating

Nomura chrome plating process

The Nomura chrome plating process offers a harder, denser and more wear-resistant chrome plating layer than any other processes. In addition, a much higher thickness of chrome in the valley eliminates the tendency of flaking that other processes exhibit at higher thicknesses.

Nomura Chrome Plating

Nomura Chrome Plating

Standard Chrome Plating

Standard Chrome Plating (X200)